WyeSep Connect is the primary online portal that supports resettlement at Wye River and Separation Creek, by sharing and sourcing information, news, events, achievements and challenges.

It is an initiative of Emergency Management Victoria and Colac Otway Shire, and its direction and evolution will be guided by the advice of the Wye River-Separation Creek Community Resilience Committee.

The framework below describes how the resettlement and reconnection of Wye River and Separation Creek will be structured. Underpinned by the Resettlement Leadership Group and Community Resilience Committee, there are eight key project areas for resettlement. The Economic Investment Group and Community Investment Fund sit beside the Resettlement Leadership Group and are responsible for allocating funds into project areas.

Download the Initial Plan for the Resettlement of Wye River and Separation Creek here.

The WyeSep Connect portal is interactive and will connect anybody with an interest or involvement in the resettlement of Wye River and Separation Creek with communication sorted around the eight resettlement priority areas of Connection, Wellbeing, Clean-up, Tourism, Infrastructure, Planning and Building, Flora and Fauna, and Business.

WyeSep Connect will evolve with the resettlement process and will ensure you are kept informed and your voice is heard.

This is a community asset, a communications link to enable a more connected community, and part of our shared vision for what Wye River and Separation Creek can be and will be.

If you have any comments, contributions or observation about WyeSepConnect, please email [email protected].